Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Theater II & III: Intro to Monologues


Theater II & III:

Using the open monologue you've chosen (A, B, or C), answer the following questions in as much detail as possible.  Use details in the monologue and your own creativity to support your choices.

1. Character Description
Using the monologue as a reference, write a character description of the character who is speaking.  This should include any and all details of a characters internal & external traits, their family background, educational background, occupation, general temperament, likes & dislikes, and any other descriptive details that you find necessary.

2. Describe the person (or people) this character is speaking to.  What is the relationship between the character who is speaking and their listeners?

3. What is the inciting incident?  (What has happened?  What event is the speaker talking about?)

4. What experiences of your own can you call on to EMPATHIZE with the character who is speaking?

Theater III ONLY:

5. Write a short monologue that is in CONTRAST to the monologue you have chosen.  For example, if you plan to perform the open monologue as COMEDIC, a contrasting monologue would be DRAMATIC (and vice versa).  This monologue might also serve as the listener's RESPONSE to the original monologue.  (What would the person who has listened to the original monologue say in response to what they've just heard?  Make sure that it CONTRASTS the original monologue!)

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