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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stage Makeup 101 Notes and Makeup Assignment


Fight Club Makeup Project

Name ___________________________________ Class Period ________________

Partner(s): ________________________________________________________________

Step One: Tuesday, 3/1 and Wednesday, 3/2 (DUE) – 50% FORMATIVE

You and your partner(s) will write a scene of dialogue that MUST contain an argument that culminates in a physical fight. (You will NOT be acting this out, so don’t get your knickers in a knot.)
• The scene must involve as many characters as there are people in your group (2 – 3).
• The fight must involve all the characters.
• The fight can involve props (hitting someone with something, throwing something at someone, etc.)
• You must write all the ACTION in the stage directions in the scene of dialogue. (Put the action in parentheses, like this, and just write what the characters do.)

Staple your scene of dialogue to one of these planning sheets.

Step Two: Thursday, 3/3 (DUE) – 50% FORMATIVE

Each member of your group will pick a character to work with. Each member of the group will sketch a makeup design on the reverse side of this paper for their chosen character. This design will be what the character looks like AFTER the fight, so pay attention to what happens to them during the scene!
• The makeup design must be neat.
• The makeup design must be in color. (Colored pencils and crayons work best for this assignment.)
• The makeup design must be labeled with what type of makeup you think would work best for each item (eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, etc.)
• The makeup design must match the injuries incurred in the scene.

Step Three: Friday, 3/4 (DUE) – 100% SUMMATIVE
Your group will read a part of your scene, summarize your story, and present your makeup designs to the rest of the class in a brief presentation of your work. (1-3 minutes)

Step Four: Monday, 3/7
Ms. Y will choose 3 different types of designs from the class to demonstrate makeup application in class. Be prepared to wear makeup all day and look (sort of) bloody and bruised.