Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Semester Exam/Final Summative Project: Sound Design


OBJECTIVE OF PROJECT: Music and sound plays a vital role in performance and entertainment. Evaluate the influence of music in your life and the feelings it elicits or causes you to have. Increase your self-awareness!

*You are not required to actually burn a CD – some people may not have the technical equipment to do so. 5 points extra credit if you decide to burn a CD.

I. CD (50 points)
• Create a title and design for the cover.
• Design the CD itself.
• Select seven titles (include the artist’s name) The songs will be written on the back side of the CD design.
Include the following songs IN THIS ORDER:
1. One that represents who you are
2. One that represents your philosophy of life
3. One that tells where you feel most comfortable/makes you feel safe (This does not have
to be a literal location – it can be a song that communicates a certain feeling.)
4. One that tells what you do well
5. One that represents your family or who you consider your family
6. One that represents your goals / dreams in life
7. A song you like to listen to while working
8. Song of your choice

(If the title has ‘foul language’ in it, just use asterisks to ‘bleep’ it out.)

II. Inside Pamphlet Info (10 points)
• Choose a producer- your most influential family member/guardian (doesn’t have to be a close family member – this can be your great aunt twice removed if they are most influential in your life)
• Choose an agent- your most influential non-family member (you can use just a first name if you want to be private about it)
• List 6 credits (individuals) that have helped you become who & what you are (again, just first name is fine if you prefer)
• Decoration or borders on your pamphlet info is required.  Neat and creative.

III. Writing Component: (30 points)
• Choose one of your song titles. Explain in detail (several COMPLETE SENTENCES) the meaning & significance of that choice.
• Describe the reason that you chose number 8. (several COMPLETE SENTENCES)

IV. Presentation: (10 points)
• You will present the CD cover to the class, explaining the choices you made for a couple songs.
• You may share some music with the class when you present with prior permission from me. No foul language! (Music in presentation is optional, but really cool.)

• The Cover design is left up to you, although it must be entirely classroom appropriate.  You may use drawings, magazine clippings, actual photos, etc. There must be some COLOR.
• You may use any songs you like – language content does not matter as we won’t actually be hearing the full songs. It can be new music, classical, religious, oldies, show tunes, TV theme songs, anything of your choosing!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Theater I: Semester Exam Review

Two parts to your semester exam:

1) Sound Design CD project and presentation.  Presentations will begin on Monday for 1st period and on Wednesday for 7th period.

2) Multiple choice test. (1st period on TUESDAY, 7th period on THURSDAY)

The following slides will help you to prepare for your paper-based test.