Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Constructive Criticism/Feedback

A reminder of how to successfully critique your peers' performances and rehearsals during the course of this class:

Immediately following the presentation or production, the floor is open for positive feedback only.  Phrase everything in "I" statements ("I liked," "I saw," "I thought," etc.).  

2. QUESTIONS (from performer to audience)
A time for the performer to ask specific questions about what s/he did and illicit feedback.

3. QUESTIONS (from audience to performer)
Audience members have an opportunity to ask the performer questions about their performance.  These should be NEUTRAL questions (neither positive or negative!) and be specific.  Again, these are questions that are "I" based -- you can only ask questions for YOU.  No generalizations for the group.

Audience members have the opportunity to offer opinions on how to improve or change the production.  However, in order to be fair, they must make a statement that shows what their opinion is about, THEN ask if the performer is willing to hear it.
"I have an opinion about how to make the plot clearer to the audience.  Would you like to hear it?"
The performer has the opportunity to say YES (I am willing to hear your idea and will not take offense to it), NO (I don't want to hear your opinion), or MAYBE LATER (I don't want to hear it at this time).

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