Monday, February 25, 2013

Celebrity Business Letter Format and Addresses

The following format should be used in typing your FINAL DRAFT of your letter (a SUMMATIVE grade in which I will be grading you on format, content, spelling, grammar and punctuation).

Feel free to copy/paste this format into MSWord in order to type your letter.

Your Name
Your street address
Your city, state and zip
(skip two lines)

Today’s Date
(skip two lines)

Celebrity Name
Celebrity street address
as it appears on the list or online
City, State and Zip
(skip two lines)

Dear ____________________ ,            (Refer to them as Ms. or Mr. and make sure to use a comma)

Paragraph 1 should explain who you are. 
(My name is _______________ and I am student at…. )

Paragraph 2 should be THE LONGEST.  This is where you tell
them WHY you admire them.  Did you see them in a movie?
What did you think about their performance?  Why do you think
they make a good role model for students like you?

Paragraph 3 is your conclusion.  You can also request (politely)
that they send you an autographed picture.

Make sure to thank them!

Closing (sincerely, always, etc.),

Leave space to sign your name in ink here!
Type your name beneath the space.