Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shakespeare's Words

Have you ever read a play by Shakespeare?
Which one?
What was different about the language used in the play?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Class Procedure Review Notes

There WILL be a quiz. :-)

Theater I: Class Procedures
Improved Review for the NEW Semester!
Now BIGGER, BETTER… and 50% off the original price!

What’s the point, Yanchak??
Here’s the deal:
1. It’s a new semester.
2. Sometimes it’s good to review.
3. We’re going to be starting some pretty fun and messy stuff, and it’s good to have all the old stuff settled and in place before we get to the new stuff.  Savvy?

Entering the Classroom
1.Enter the room quietly.  
2.Is there a journal entry on the board?  If so, get your journal out!
3.Take your assigned seat.
4.Copy any journals/notes from the board and prepare for class with all your materials.

Raising Hands 101
1.Have a question RELATED TO THE TOPIC in your head.
2.Raise your hand in the air (like so).  Notice the lack of noise.
3.Wait silently to be called on (by me).  
4.When called on, lower your hand (like so).
5.Ask your question & wait for the answer!  A delight!

Other Facts of Note:
When someone else is talking,
please stay silent so we can ALL hear the person talking.
The ceilings are high and the acoustics are awful. L

Respecting People
1.Constructive Criticism = saying difficult things in a way that won’t offend anyone.
2.Safe space = a space where you feel comfortable being who you are, without fear of being hurt emotionally or physically.
3.Theater class = a safe space for constructive criticism

Journals: The Down Low
Do you even grade these?
Yes.  Yes, I do.
In the second semester, your notes become even more important as we start covering subjects like theater criticism and technical theater (lights, set, sound, makeup).

Tardy Procedures
When you come into the classroom after the official start time of class…
If that happens, before you go to your seat, please sign the TARDY LOG.
Student: I was late, but I didn’t sign your log.  So there. 
Ms. Y: So? I still marked you tardy.  That’s how the cookie crumbles.

Exiting the Classroom
When I give you the 5 minute warning, it’s time for CLEAN-UP!
Once your table is clean and your supplies are put away, take your seat.
The folks who have cleaned their tables and who are seated quietly will be dismissed by me.
We’re starting a new unit on technical theater which requires a bunch of messy materials.
I’m not your maid.  For reals.
No one else in this room is responsible for your mess either. J

Hall Pass Permits
1.Raise your hand (see Raising Hands 101).
2.Ask to use the restroom/go to your locker/etc.
3.I will ask for your coupon.
4.You should give it to me.
5. You should then go retrieve the red plastic hall pass from its home near the printer and tardy log.
6. Bring the hall pass to me with your permit.
7. I’ll sign the permit, fill out the pass, and send you on your way.
8. Enjoy your five minutes of freedom in the restroom, at your locker, etc.
When you return, enter quietly and return the hall pass to its home near the printer.

Student Responsibilities
(Yes, you have to write this down.)

Bring all required materials to class EVERY DAY.  Journal, pencil/pen, etc.

Be ready to work as soon as you enter; don’t leave until dismissed.

Follow instructions the first time that I give them, please.

Respect other human beings and their property.

Observe all rules listed in the EHS Student Code of Conduct…

First offense: WARNING.
You’ll sign my happy orange book.

2nd & 3rd offense: D-HALL.
Sign the book; D-HALL scheduled.

4th offense: PARENT CONTACT.
Sign the book. Parent contacted.

5th offense: REFERRAL.
Sign book.  Referral submitted.