Thursday, May 30, 2013

Theater I Final Exam

Part One:
   Monologue or scene performance AND poster/publicity AND Character Analysis worksheet

Part Two:
   Multiple-choice exam on Friday, May 31

(Both parts average together for FINAL EXAM grade.  They also stand alone as two separate summative grades for final nine weeks.)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stage Makeup Notes (& Photos)

Theatrical Makeup
Major Categories 
Straight/realistic (Has nothing to do with sexual orientation – don’t get worked up!)

Old Age/ Illness

Special Effects…often bruises, scars, burns & blood

Facial Hair: beards, moustaches, eyebrows, etc..



Noses, ears, large wounds, warts, etc….

 Common Application Materials

Makeup wedges


Brushes (usually mop, round, and flat)

Stipple sponges


The makeup itself – the essentials…

Cosmetics (stage versions)

Creme foundations, colors – including wheels-f/x (yes, that’s how creme is spelled for this)

Adhesives – spirit gum, prosthetics, etc.

Liquid latex 

Bruises, scars, burns, and blood 


Always consider point of impact and how the injury happened

Randomness is good, uniform is bad!

Fresh looks different than old.

Blood is always LAST - it doesn’t dry!

The stipple sponge is your friend