Thursday, November 18, 2010

Characters and Objectives

obstacles: anything that gets in the way of a character's OBJECTIVE (their goal or goals)

stakes: RISKS that a character takes in order to achieve their OBJECTIVE

tactics: the ways that a character tries to obtain their OBJECTIVE

objective: the character’s goal, or what they are trying to achieve

conflict: the main problem a character faces

Also in your notes:

Name three things that you wanted (to have, to get, to do, etc.).

What were the OBSTACLES you faced?

What were the STAKES (what was risked if you did/did not get what you wanted)?

What were the TACTICS you used to get what you wanted?

You can make a chart like the one below!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Paper Towel Costume Design Project

Name ________________________________________________          Class Period______________
Theater I                                                                                                      Technical Theater

PAPER TOWEL Costume Design
(20 points – “Semester Projects”)

Project: You and a partner (groups of  three need approval from me FIRST – you cannot work alone) will brainstorm, design, and create a “costume” for a superhero using the materials listed below! 

            * Design due DAY THREE (-5 points for lateness)
            * Materials brought in by DAY THREE (-5 points for lateness)
* Creation day is DAY FIVE (if you or your partner is absent, creation day
is the first day both of you are in class together – WITHIN REASON)

                                                            5                                    3                                    0
Used standard materials, AND used unique materials with approval!
Used only standard materials.
Failed to use any standard materials.
Worked collaboratively with partner/group. Stayed on task at all times to design and create costume.
Worked with partner/group to create costume.  Argued or disagreed on multiple occasions and needed a “Ms. Y intervention.”
Did not work collaboratively.  One person (or a smaller group) did all the work.
Used knowledge of past and present designs to draw a costume design.  Materials labeled.
Colors used.  Design is neat and easy to understand.
Drew costume design.  Materials are not labeled, and/or colors are not used.  Design is difficult to understand.
No design drawn.
Students used materials creatively to create their costume.  Showed great imagination!
Students used materials to create costume.  Showed lack of creativity and/or imagination.
No costume created.

Primary Standard Materials:

2 rolls of white paper towels            1-2 rolls of masking tape            3-4 paper grocery bags

You MUST use these materials!  Your costume will be constructed mainly out of the above items.  Bring your materials in to class in a SHOEBOX WITH A LID (or similar) labeled with the names of your group members and you may leave them in my classroom.  If you do not bring them in a labeled box, you cannot leave them in my room.  Materials are due in class by Monday, November 15.

Unique materials:

            The sky’s the limit!  Just make sure you get any other materials APPROVED BY ME by DAY TWO. (See below.)
Examples of unique materials could include crayons, markers, rulers, glue, glitter, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, paper plates, duct tape, costume jewelry, balloons… you name it, it could work! 


Day One -___11/10__:                        Brainstorming/Begin Design Sketch

Day Two -__11/12__:                        Design Sketch (Draw, color, label, etc.)  Be creative!

Day Three -__11/15__:                      Design Sketch due (Draw, color, label, etc.)  Materials due today!
                                                (One design per group of two; two designs per group of three.)

Day Four -__11/16__:                        Build Day.

Day Five - ___11/17___:                        Creation Day – Build Costume!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costuming for Characters

Fill out the following chart in your notes using YOU as a character.  Remember to JUSTIFY (tell why) your clothing choices.  (Why do you wear what you wear?)


Hair color?
Eye color?
Body type?
Facial features?
Skin color?
Vocal quality?

Clothing choices (what do you choose to wear and why)?