Thursday, September 10, 2009

Theater I: Journal Entries

We have had 3 journal entries so far in class.  Our first journal check is TODAY, Thursday, September 10.

Journals must be formatted with the entry number, the journal title, and the date.

Journals must be kept in a binder, portfolio folder, or notebook that is marked clearly with your name, class period, and Theater I.

Any "loose paper" journals will receive a zero for this check.

Here's the list of journal entries thus far:

  1. Fair Choice: How did your group make decisions and choices regarding the tableaus your performed?  Were there any difficulties?  Did someone "take the lead?"  Who?
  2. Warm-Ups: Make a chart of the warm-ups we've learned so far in class.  List the titles of warm-ups on one side (Rag Doll, Stordahlen, Pass the Clap, etc.).  List the goals that each achieves (relaxation, memory, energy building, etc.) on the other.
  3. Directions: Think about something that you are an EXPERT at doing -- tying your shoe, making a sandwich... something simple.  Write directions on HOW TO DO that thing using at least 7 steps.  Make sure your directions are simple enough for anyone to understand.

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