Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Theater II & III: Journal Entries. (How it's Done!)


Each entry should span about 10 lines (200 words).  Each entry is worth 10 points as follows:


·         Structure (introduction that includes a restatement of the question, body paragraph that answers question & brief conclusion to “wrap up”) – 5 points

·         Clarity, Thoughtfulness, & Organization (Are your thoughts clear & understandable to the reader?  Are your thoughts organized to be understandable?) – 5 points


Each week you are to complete two (2) journal entries.  Journal entries fall under TWO CATEGORIES: reflection OR observation.  You should complete one of each type each week.


Reflection entries are a place for you to reflect on your work as an actor, director or technician.  These are a great way for you to write about what you did well during the week, what you hope to improve upon, and what questions you might have for me as your teacher about your performance.  Be sure to really think about what you’ve learned (or still want to learn) about your work as an actor, director, or technician.


Observation entries are a place for you to write about what you have observed during the week.  You may write about what you have seen other students work on, what you have seen theatrically OUTSIDE the classroom (plays, television, movies, etc.) or any character observations that you’ve made.  (It’s okay to write “people-watching” stuff.  This is great for acting!)


This should prove an easy assignment, since at any given moment you are either rehearsing or waiting for your turn to rehearse!  (Please, PLEASE, PLEASE use the time that you are waiting to rehearse to write these journal entries.  DO NOT PUT IT OFF UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.)

Total entries for February:             4 (Feb 16 – 19, Feb 22 – 26)

Total entries for March:            6 (March 1 – 5, Mar 8 – 12, Mar 22 – 26)


Total points:                                    10 entries x 10 points = 100 total possible points

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