Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Theater I: Journal Entries #8 and #9

Journal #8: Stage Makeup Notes

There are two main types of stage makeup:  Corrective  &  Creative.

Stage Makeup Facts

Corrective Makeup…

• “Everyday” makeup or “street” makeup

Question: What types of makeup do you know that some people use everyday? 

Question: How do they use these tools and supplies?  

Creative Makeup…

• Enables actors to “inhabit” any type of character!

Question: Have you ever worn “creative” makeup?  When?  Why?

Question: What kind of character did you portray in that makeup?

Makeup Materials

Cream shadows/colors

Softened wax

Liquid latex

Spirit gum (or chewed bubble gum!)

Foam rubber

“Street” makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundations)

Anything you can imagine!!!

Makeup Assignment

Journal #9: “Fight Club” Scene

Step 1: With a partner, write a short scene of dialogue (about 10 lines) between TWO CHARACTERS that leads to a creative, physical fight.

Step 2: After you have written your scene, use your creative art skills to draw a MAKEUP PLOT – basically, a drawing of the faces of the people in your scene and what their makeup will look like based on their injuries.  (Bruises, scratches, burns, other objects… get creative.  It’s okay to be funny – you don’t have to get too gorey.)

Make sure to LABEL what materials you’ll be using.  Get creative – eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, blush, cotton balls, chewing gum… they can all be used in NON-TRADITIONAL WAYS!

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