Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Theater III: Observation Paper Deadline Extended!

The deadline for your Observation Paper has been EXTENDED.  The papers are now due on FRIDAY, JANUARY 8, 2010.  This should give you ample time to attend a show and write the paper according to the guidelines of the assignment.

Theater III: Observation Paper Possibilities


·      Observation papers require you to attend a theatrical production AS AN AUDIENCE MEMBER. (Shows that you perform a role or function in – whether acting or technical – do not count.  See me if you have questions about this.)

·      You must stay for the ENTIRE performance.

·      Take notes on the performance at intermission (if there is one) or immediately following the performance. 

·      The PROGRAM for the show MUST be stapled to your observation paper.  Don’t forget to get a program!

       This paper is about your experience as an audience member.  Write about what happens from START to finish. 

       Guiding questions that must be answered:

 1. Explain the atmosphere of the front of house.  Who sold your ticket?  Was there a box office?  Ushers?  Any concessions (t-shirts, candy, soda, etc)?  Write about your first impression of the theater upon walking in.

2. Describe the atmosphere of the theater itself.  How big was it?  What kind of stage (proscenium, thrust, arena)?  Describe any technical elements that helped you to know the show was about to begin.  How did the audience respond to them?

3. Describe the show.  Give a brief description of the plot and characters.  Could you follow the story line?  Why or why not?  Did anything specifically catch your interest?  What was it?  Was there anything in the show that you wondered about – how something was accomplished on stage (costume changes, props, set)?  What was interesting about the actors’ performances?  Were they believable?  Why or why not?

4. Take a look at the audience.  Who came to see the show?  Describe the audience demographic.  How old are they?  Are there families?  Couples?  Older?  Younger?

5. Describe anything else that you find interesting about the theater, the show (technical or acting), or your experience as an audience member.


Paper requirements:

· Must be 3-5 pages, typed, double-spaced.  No more than 1” margins.  10-12 point font.

·       Must be titled.

·       Must include answers/descriptions that correspond to all of the 5 guiding questions.

·       Show program must be stapled to the final observation paper.

·       Paper is due no later than Friday, January 8.  Papers may be turned in as soon as they are completed.  DO NOT  PUT THIS OFF UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!

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