Monday, October 19, 2009

Theater III: Method Acting Teachers Poster Assignment

In this assignment, you will be assigned a partner to work with in researching  one of the following people involved in the teaching of acting.  You have read about method acting during class; sense memory, emotional memory, and action-generated memory are all forms of “The Method."

Choices for research include:

Lee Strasberg

Constantin Stanislavsky

Stella Adler

Sanford Meisner

Uta Hagen

Bertold Brecht

Richard Boleslavski

Your poster must include:

1) A brief summary of your subject’s life

2) A summary of what they taught: What was their “method” of acting?  What did they believe?  When did it become important in history, and why is it still important today?

3) At least 3 images (sketches, images from reliable websites, charts, graphs, etc.)

4) At least 3 online sources of information, and 2 books/print sources


Your poster may be any shape or size that you’d like.  I have some materials in the classroom, such as markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, crayons, scissors, construction paper.  If you wish to display your poster on poster board or another material, you must provide that yourself.

You will be given two days of research time in the library, and two days of independent work time in class. Some online resources are listed below. There are many more resources available should you do a search.  I have several books on hand for you to use in the classroom, but no book may leave my room!


You will be asked to present your poster to the class on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22.  Please be prepared.

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