Monday, October 19, 2009

Theater II: Journal Entry #7 - No Dialogue Characterization

One of the most difficult things you will be asked to do as an actor is to create a character using your body.  We have learned that it is not only what your character says, but also what your character DOES (and HOW they do it) that defines them.

For your scene with your partner/group, please name the character you will be playing and list the following:

1. What specific actions can my character make?

2. What specific movement/walk does my character have?

3. What specific facial expressions does my character use?

4. What specific body language does my character use?

5. What emotion will my character experience during the scene?  How will my audience be able to tell?

6. For any of the above questions, list experiences YOU have had, or OBSERVATIONS that you have made that help you connect to your character.  (Think: sense memory, emotional memory, action-generated memory.)

Make sure you take time to create the WHO, WHAT, and WHERE of your scene with your partner/group.

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