Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Celebrity Letter Assignment

Celebrity Letter Writing Assignment

Students will understand and practice business letter format while writing to a LIVING celebrity (musician, artist, actor, producer, director, athlete, etc.) of their choice. Students will also make discoveries about the concept of role models and admiration of people in the public eye.

Step One: Tuesday, February 22 (DUE) – 100% FORMATIVE

You will write a ROUGH DRAFT of a letter to a celebrity. You must write today’s date, the subject area, and the writing prompt (“Letter to a Celebrity Role Model”) at the top of the page. Each paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences, but can be more.
• Paragraph One explains who you are and why you are writing. It’s okay to tell them you are writing for a class assignment, but you don’t have to. (30%)
• Paragraph Two is the longest, most in-depth paragraph. Use this paragraph to tell the celebrity why you admire them and why you think they are a good role model to you. You can mention movies or events you have seen them in, or any of their work that you like. (30%)
• Paragraph Three is your conclusion. Wrap things up. You can ask (politely) for a response, or an autographed photo. Make sure to thank them for reading your letter! (30%)
• Sign your letter with an appropriate closing. (10%)
In the rough draft, points will NOT be deducted for spelling, punctuation, or grammar errors.
This rough draft must be handed in at the end of today’s class, even if it is not complete. You will have the full class period to write.

Step Two: Wednesday 2/23 and Thursday 2/24 – PEER EDITING – 100% FORMATIVE

You must have at least three people edit your rough draft (have them sign it) and you must edit at least three rough drafts of your classmates. (16.6% per edit – theirs and yours!) Use your time wisely and make your letter the best it can be!

Step Three: Monday, February 28 (DUE AT END OF CLASS, CLASS HELD IN LIBRARY)

On this day, class will be held in the library. A typed (10-12 pt font) FINAL DRAFT of your letter to the celebrity is due at the end of class today.
• Letters must be formatted correctly – see reverse side of this form. (35%)
• Letters must include celebrity’s CORRECT address (if it’s not on my list, you can find MOST addresses at: http://www.fanmail.biz/ ) Also, you must format both your address and the celebrity’s address correctly. (35%)
• Letters must use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Spell check is your friend. Please use it. The tone may be conversational, but everything must be correct otherwise. (30%)
If you wish me to mail your letter, you must provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope to include with your letter (i.e. like you’re mailing a letter to yourself). I will provide envelopes/postage to mail out your letter if you provide this. Who knows? You may get a response!

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