Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Theater I: Journal Entries #1 & #2 (4/13)

Journal #1 (4/13/2010): AUDITIONS

Have you ever tried out or auditioned for anything? If so, what was it? How were the auditions/tryouts organized? Did you enjoy it?

Journal #2 (4/13/2010): NOTES

1. Choosing a Play
Directors and producers choose the play. Often, just the director.
They choose plays that they enjoy, that speak to them and their audience.
In high school productions, directors take into consideration WHO THEY HAVE and SPECIFIC CHALLENGES.

What does “who they have” mean?

What types of challenges would a high school director have that would affect play selection?

2. Reading the Play

Directors read to know:







AUDITIONS may be held in two ways:

Cold Readings

In a “cold” reading, the actor reads from a piece of the script (a “side”) with another actor or actors.


In this type of audition, actors come prepared with one or more memorized monologues to perform.

Which type of audition would YOU prefer? WHY?

Who ELSE is at this AUDITION???


2.Assistant Director (if there is one!)

3.Stage Manager

4.Producer (sometimes)

Directors look for actors who:

• physically “fit” the parts

• can be heard

• can take direction

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